music diplomacy

Chinese people are familiar with the slogan of "Let Chinese culture go abroad". However, there seems to be some misunderstanding, with many mistakenly thinking that "Chinese culture" only means traditional Chinese culture.

The Turkish and Armenian Youth Orchestra is gathering for peace in Turkey. A total of 70 people will come together for three concerts. This is not diplomacy or football, it’s young people meeting in an international environment based in music, says the orchestra’s conductor, Nvart Andreasyan.

...Initiatives in Education, Science and Culture Towards Enhanced US-Muslim Countries Collaborations aimed to focus on concrete projects and initiatives in those three areas, and not on divisive political issues such the Israeli-Palestine conflict and Iraq.

June 24, 2010

Any performance, but particularly if it’s an impromptu jazz performance or jam session, is a matter of communication -- one may even say, diplomacy...Such was the case during the special performance of the New York City-based Mark Sherman-Tim Horner Jazz Quartet on June 17 at the official residence of US Ambassador Harry Thomas, Jr. in North Forbes, Makati [Philippines].

The annual "fete de la musique" celebration marking the "spontaneity and openness to all forms of music" takes place in more than 350 cities across the globe Monday evening, 28 years after it was started in France.

Salman Ahmad, founder of South Asia’s most successful rock band Junoon, has been on a rock and roll jihad (struggle) ever since his first concert at 18 – a medical school talent show in Lahore, Pakistan. Eyes closed, emotions pumped, he was ripping through Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ on his guitar, mesmerized by the crowd’s screams, only to discover that the yelling was coming from a group of bearded students from a religious group outraged by music they considered un-Islamic.