north korea

North Korean tour guides lead visitors through the regime’s latest cultural showpiece, a grand new panorama museum reported to have cost $24m. [...] Part grand design and part diplomacy project, the Angkor Panorama museum, which opened in December, is the latest cultural export North Korea hopes will bring in much-needed funds for its struggling economy.

Under the Obama administration, U.S. policy toward North Korea largely has devolved into the president sitting in the Oval Office, closing his eyes, and hoping the nuclear monsters will go away [...] If Pyongyang is ever going to talk about human rights, it will do so only after it feels more secure. If there is any hope for evolutionary change within the North, such a process will be advanced by greater cultural and economic cooperation.

While western media coverage of North Korea's Kim Jong-un is rightly critical, a recent video uploaded to YouTube is making people question the treatment of our own unelected head of state. [...] While it does not exactly offer the perfect comparison in terms of the two regimes, it does arguably highlight an uncomfortable truth about idolisation.


The reconceptualization of Jeju’s peace role from diplomacy to regional cultural exchange and new and renewable energy promotion has been a feature of Won’s governorship. [...] Won also wants to increase exchanges with North Korea and the event also included a seminar on the repercussions of Pyongyang’s recent nuclear test for North-South relations.

The Canadian man who once helped basketball hall of famer Dennis Rodman get into North Korea now wants to bring former NHL players into the isolated country to play hockey.

North Korea has launched an estimated 1 million propaganda leaflets by balloon into South Korea amid increased tension between the rivals following the North's recent nuclear test, Seoul officials said Monday. A Cold War-style standoff flared since the North's claim on Jan. 6 that it had tested a hydrogen bomb.

In 2013, North Korea conducted its third nuclear test, and the world responded by inducing a period of brinksmanship that came dangerously close to spiraling the unending Korean War out of control. [...] Any creative collaboration one could possibly imagine between the US and North Korea is not only theoretically possible, but an actual reality.

What remains unclear is whether North Korea's claims are valid that it had tested a 'hydrogen' device with potentially destructive capabilities many times that of an atomic bomb. A consensus view among nuclear experts is that Pyongyang is exaggerating its technical proficiency for its own purposes aimed both at bolstering the North Korean regime in the eyes of its own people, and at the same time reminding its neighbours of its deterrent capabilities.