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The 7th Pyongyang International Scientific Books Exhibition opened here at the Center for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries on Monday. There are 14 countries and regions including China, Russia, Spain, Germany, 46 groups taking part in the exhibition, which has 34 display counters and nearly 10,000 books.

Never did I think it would be Kim Jong Il who would get me to open a Twitter account. North Korea turned me around. Who can resist Dear Leader Kim’s propaganda arm churning out crazed statements in 140 characters?

The United States Wednesday said it is ready to provide further humanitarian aid to North Korea suffering from recent flooding, despite chilly relations over North Korea's nuclear ambitions and torpedoing of a South Korean warship.

Yonhap News Agency reported today that South Korea on Tuesday pledged $8.4 billion to North Korea, where flash flooding in August displaced tens of thousands of people along the Korea-China border.

South Korea has made its first offer of aid to North Korea since it accused Pyongyang of sinking one of its warships in March. South Korea's Red Cross has offered 10bn won ($8.3m, £5.3m) worth of flood aid to its impoverished neighbour.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il traveled to northeastern China—his second trip in four months to Pyongyang's chief ally—to visit a school attended by his father, in a symbolic move that appeared aimed at solidifying plans for his own succession.

Analysts in Seoul said Mr. Carter, on his second trip to Pyongyang, would also try to help break an impasse in relations between the United States and North Korea. Mr. Carter was greeted at Pyongyang airport by Kim Kye-gwan, a senior North Korean diplomat, according to the North’s official news agency, KCNA.

For the last two weeks, North Korean propaganda has flooded the Internet–courtesy of the Internet, interestingly enough, and not North Korea. A North Korea government official tells Forbes that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is not using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube...