Back door diplomacy between India and Pakistan has begun, SAMAA reported Wednesday. 10 member delegation of Pakistan under former Army Chief Janhagir Karamat has left for India for holding talks with Indian leadership.

For two hours, the packed theatre bridged the divide between India and Pakistan - torn by mutual distrust - with the strains of legendary ghazal singer Farida Khanum's mellifluous renditions of Urdu and Hindi nazams.

The Times of India and Pakistan's largest media house, The Jang Group, launched Aman ki Asha with a commitment to peace... In the first phase, as we celebrated our common heritage, culture and food through performances and events, the response we got was more than overwhelming.

April 13, 2010

Those who accuse Barack Obama of cold-shouldering Britain and stiff-arming Israel might find his choice of a country to shower with praise somewhat perplexing.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Quaid Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has called for increasing interaction between the business communities of Pakistan and Qatar to explore areas of mutual cooperation between the two sides.

Regardless of how the high-level diplomatic talks go, it is likely that relations between the two countries will continue to ebb and flow. While we wait for both governments to implement forward-thinking policies that allow long-term change, the more important question will be how individual Indians and Pakistanis can help bring about enduring peace now.

But many of the diplomats agreed with me partially that neither diplomacy nor development could happen from bunkers by untrained and circumscribed staffers, who remain completely oblivious of locals.

April 4, 2010

In the past few weeks, Indian foreign policy has convinced itself it is a victim of the POPO principle. Indian diplomats have found America and its allies strangely unresponsive to their core security concerns. The Barack Obama administration seems to take this country for granted. To top it all, Pakistan is exultant, believing it has trumped India yet again.