Indian Minister of State for External Affairs Parneet Kaur says the only way forward between Pakistan and India is talks and as responsible people they should go further up (from the bureaucratic level) but it was difficult to say how and when the talks would be taken further up.

In fact, there is a place -- crucial to U.S. national security -- where Obama's foreign policy is working: Pakistan. A spate of good news has been coming out of that complicated country, which has long promised to move against Islamic militants but has rarely done so.

Giving economy preference to security was an unimpressive show of imprudent diplomacy during Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s recent visit to Pakistan. The mild attitude that Pakistan had shown towards Afghan President reflected that Pakistani authorities were so obliged by Karzai’s arrival that they deemed it better not to get into serious discussions about security issues and stick to economy and trade.

Readers of this space know there’s been a recent flurry of public activity by those who set the course of U.S. communications efforts with foreign publics.

The dialogue is being held at a crucial juncture, when Pakistan is poised to play a critical role in Afghanistan where US-led international troops are battling a determined Taliban insurgency.

India and Pakistan are set to revive their bilateral hockey Test series after four years with the two national federations agreeing on Thursday to start an annual series for men and women from this year. The series will be for both men and women teams and junior teams will also be a part of it.

The Indian government should get a cue from the views of its former diplomat and make concerted effort to return to talks with Pakistan on all issues, including Kashmir and water terrorism, which are and have been the bone of contention between the two countries

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is visiting Pakistan, and one of the issues on the table is a rather audacious Pakistani offer to train the Afghan National Army. The Pakistani and Afghan security establishments have had a rather uneasy relationship, stemming from Pakistan’s long-running ties to the Taliban.