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Including an interview with Ambassador Carlos García de Alba of Mexico, a discussion of historic Armenian monuments, and more. 

June 8, 2019

From a Microsoft employee connecting with U.S. veterans to a Palestinian building an international running community and more.

From asylum-seekers encountering family separation at the U.S. border to refugees seeking new homes in Europe, border diplomacy is crucial for finding common ground.

From blogs on the public diplomacy of Catalonia and think tanks to events on city diplomacy and South Korea's soft power, here's a run-down of CPD's top content this month.

The latest issue of Public Diplomacy Magazine highlights city diplomacy as cities expand their national and international roles.

At a time of seismic changes to the existing international order, this issue explores the ability of public engagements to ease or, conversely, exacerbate tensions across the globe.

A look at how various public diplomacy actors address and resolve crises.