With its slick graphics, smiling young news anchors, and round-the-clock coverage, RT is like any other news channel. But there is one major difference, aside from the content; RT, which stands for Russia Today, is paid for by the Kremlin.

September 15, 2010

In terms of soft power, communist ideology was attractive in post-World War II Europe, owing to its anti-fascist credentials. It was also popular in the Third World because of its identification with popular national-independence movements. Soviet propaganda actively fostered a myth of the inevitability of communism’s triumph.

Jazz legend Mike Clark has confirmed plans for a tour of Russia next month, to promote cultural diplomacy and to introduce audiences in Moscow, Siberia, St. Petersburg and elsewhere to his acclaimed Owl Studios release, ‘Carnival of Soul'.

Three groups from the 25th Infantry Division Band will travel to Russia and China Sept. 3-13 to perform at different events and represent the United States military.

“This cultural activity is only one part of Keren Hayesod’s activities to increase cultural ties between Russia and Israel, and create an interface of cooperation on social issues which don’t always find expression in normal diplomatic ties,” said Director-General of Keren Hayesod Greg Masel.

The New York program has been offered for the past two years through the Russian American Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes cultural relations between Russia and the United States.

Youth exchanges between Russia and the USA in the field of sports are gaining speed. They are organized by the US-Russia Presidential Commission, Obama-Medvedev, as part of numerous programmes in the field of sports. This commission was set up by the presidents of the two countries on July 6th, 2009, during the visit of the US leader to Moscow and it is aimed at improving the relationships and cooperation between the governments of Russia and the USA.

The Kremlin is getting more Internet-savvy every day. Not only has President Dmitry Medvedev joined Twitter, the Russia government now has an English language web portal to help funnel business and advertise their foray into the information age.