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Packer dismissively discusses Google's work on developing smart parking meters for San Francisco, but doesn't mention that the company has a former State Department staffer running an internal think tank working on topics ranging from media coverage of the Mexican drug war to human trafficking.

The United States will not be able to maintain its global advantages if the country fails to craft policies that maximize information-age soft and hard powers.... But before defining an ideal high-tech foreign economic policy, one has to recognize that, as often as not, the sources of most policy lay in particular economic interests.

While tensions remain high between the United States and North Korea, the relationship is more cordial between their scientists....Scientists from both nations are collaborating via nongovernmental organizations and universities on projects ranging from tuberculosis research and deforestation issues to digital information technology.

Hosting the 2020 World Expo would put the Bay Area and Silicon Valley on the global stage in a very positive way," said Bay Area Council President and CEO Jim Wunderman. "With its focus on innovation, sustainability and space science, the expo could help cement our reputation for good. Everybody will want what Silicon Valley's got.

While still barely a gleam in the governor's eye, plans to try to bring the World Expo 2020 to Silicon Valley inched forward Saturday, as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger formally announced his bid during a visit to the Shanghai World Expo and identified Moffett Field as the host site.

March 25, 2010

APDS Blogger: Peter Winter

Is Google bold? It takes some serious courage to stand up to the gatekeepers of the world’s biggest market. By refusing to kowtow to the Chinese censors, the tech company that built its fortunes on the free flow of information stood up for its business model, not to mention the ideals of its home country.