soft power

Theatre transcends the human experience. Join noted playwright David Henry Hwang for an intimate conversation about his new work.

December 19, 2017

A new book explores international broadcasting and media from a Chinese perspective.

CPD Research Fellow Barbora Maronkova suggests that for Ukraine to tell its own story, the country should focus on reforms.

December 15, 2017

This Week in PD, we share international news on development diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, nation branding and more.

David Kang: Korea's Soft Power Under Threat: North Korea and the Korean Peninsula

The USC Korean Studies Institute director highlights the powerful pull of rhetoric when it comes to U.S. media messages about North Korea.

This Week in PD, we share international news on cultural diplomacy, digital diplomacy, film diplomacy and more.

CPD Blogger Gary D. Rawnsley looks at Taiwan's international communications strategy.

Ms. Enna Park, Ambassador for Public Diplomacy, Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At a recent CPD event, Amb. Enna Park emphasized the importance of public diplomacy and soft power in ensuring S. Korea's continued success.