south korea

People there are no longer what they used to be with an increasing number of North Koreans secretly tuning in to radio broadcasts late at night to listen to uncensored news from the outside world, according to North Korean defectors living in Seoul.

A giant Korean wave has just hit the shores of Jakarta with the city holding a series of Korea-related events throughout the week. Dubbed "Indonesia-Korea Week," Korea's Presidential Council on Nation Branding will host various events in an effort to further strengthen relations between the two countries.

Korean soloists were invited to perform lead roles in a Bolshoi Ballet performance, and it seems the unprecedented event may be more than a one-time gesture of friendly diplomacy.

The concept of "nation branding" has become increasingly familiar here as the government has introduced various programs to promote Korea's economic and social achievements abroad, and to attract foreign visitors and investment. In terms of global image, however, Korea lags behind its multinational firms such as Samsung, LG, SK and Hyundai.

Sports are making the well-known ambassador, who often goes by her Korean name, Shim Eun-kyung, even more popular among Koreans. She regularly plays tennis, for example, with Korean friends at her residence behind downtown Seoul's Deoksu Palace.

As part of a major cultural exchange initiative, a Saudi youth delegation will visit South Korea on Nov. 2 as part of efforts to strengthen bilateral relations. A 10-member Korean youth delegation is currently in the Kingdom.

Less than a week after the appointment of a new leadership hierarchy in North Korea, the South Korean defense minister said that his country’s military would initiate a new and expanded propaganda war if provoked by the North.

A collection of 12 Taiwanese films are ready to take the 15th Pusan International Film Festival by storm this week to show Taiwan's cinematic prowess, the Government Information Office (GIO) said yesterday, two days before the festival is set to kick off.