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Another senior presidential aide emphasized the symbolic significance of South Korea's hosting of the event. "South Korea is directly involved in North Korea's nuclear crisis," said the official. "The idea of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula can serve as a starting point of a nuclear-free Earth."

In a world of dangerously failed states and willful challengers to American leadership, South Korea is an astoundingly successful democracy that wants to be friends. But will America say yes?

The Portuguese economy, while not suffering from the same challenges that Greece is going through, does have problems that can worsen if its government does not step in to make big changes.Now, Portugal is looking toward Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Arab world for its future.

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme says the creation of a European Union foreign minister — the job currently held by the U.K.'s Catherine Ashton — has freed him up to conduct what he calls "economic diplomacy."

One year after that Arirang TV officially launched domestic broadcast services and began expanding worldwide with the mandate of promoting a better understanding of Korea in the global community.

Actor Lee Jun-ki has been picked to promote Korea at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. He received a letter of appointment from the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency at its headquarters in Seoul on Wednesday. Lee will attend various promotional events at the expo to be held from May to October in the Chinese city.

The USC Office of Globalization has opened a new international office in Seoul, Korea, its sixth worldwide and fifth in Asia. The USC Korea office will strengthen and facilitate research partnerships with Korean universities...

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