The Republic of Korea is building schools and medical centers for Syrian refugees in Turkey, Korean Ambassador to Ankara Mr. Yunsoo Cho said on Wednesday. [...] Ambassador Cho said that Korea has always been in solidarity with Turkey. He added that they will build four schools and six medical centers, with an aim to support Turkey's efforts to provide education and health services to over 3 million refugees.

A Cultural Festival of Turkic-Speaking States will be held in Seoul, Korea, from November 8-13. The festival will bring together cultural figures from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Azertac reported. The opening ceremony will take place at the National Museum of Korea on November 8.

For Nairobi’s commuters, summer has brought more woes than usual. [...] there has been an almost weekly shutdown as foreign VIPs fly in. [...] an increasing number are from the Middle East, their visits underlining a dramatic twist in the centuries-old battle between foreign powers for influence, trade, resources and military assets in a strategically sensitive part of the world.

September 2, 2016

Grammy award nominee Demetra George Mustafoglu, Soprano Lenia Kallis, Mezzo soprano Katie Economidou and 10-year-old Peri Bektasoglu, one of Demetra’s students from Kyrenia, will get together for a concert without borders to support the CVAR. Their choice of arias from operas and popular songs will be accompanied by pianist Agni Sacca.

August 29, 2016

Turkey is a friend of China and a prominent country in the Middle East. [...] Chinese Deputy FM Zhang Ming visited Turkey shortly after the coup attempt, and he exchanged views with Turkish officials on the current situation of Turkey and the region along with bilateral relations between China and Turkey. This demonstrates China's emphasis on Turkish relations and friendship towards the Turkish people.

İzmir’s International Fair, the first trade and cultural fair in Turkey, celebrates its 85th anniversary with a revamped face as its opens its doors in Aegean city on Aug. 26. The fair, founded in 1923, aimed to show the international world that the new republic wanted to be part of the Western economic system and an actor in the global economy. Since then, it has been a tool of diplomacy.

August 24, 2016