As the US and its allies push for swift UN sanctions against Iran, Turkey urges diplomacy to settle the ongoing dispute over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

Turkey’s first jazz department has been established at Hacettepe University in Ankara with an enthusiastic high-profile backing from the homeland of jazz, the United States.The establishment of a jazz department will fill a big gap in this field, says Emre Kartari, founder of the department at Hacettepe University.

Turkey will join the EXPO 2010 to open in the Chinese city of Shanghai on May 1.

Germany is home to the biggest Turkish diaspora in the world, but when it comes to accepting and appreciating Turkish culture, many Germans still have reservations.

Talks are expected to focus on the German head of state's opposition to European Union membership for the predominantly Muslim country. Merkel favors a privileged partnership with the EU, while Turkey wants full membership.

The presidents of Turkey’s leading think tanks recognize the diplomatic message conveyed by recalling ambassadors but question its effectiveness, particularly in the recent case of Turkey, which employed the tactic in reaction to the passage earlier this month of Armenian resolutions in the United States and Sweden.

A Chinese embroidery show opened in the Turkish capital Ankara on Thursday, with 60 masterpieces offering visitors a peek into this ancient art. The works, which fall into the more than 2,000-year-old Suzhou embroidery category, demonstrate such various styles as single-sided, double-sided, flat, crisscross and cut silk.

Collaboration between Armenian and Turkish civil society organizations has helped to ease the recent tension in Turkish-Armenian relations as various civil society organizations from Turkey continue meeting with their counterparts in Yerevan.