U.S. foreign policy

P.J. Crowley

GW Professor and former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs on his most recent book, Red Line.

Despite Trump’s campaign rhetoric, the US is not in decline. Because of immigration, it is the only major developed country that will not suffer a demographic decline by mid-century; its dependence on energy imports is diminishing rather than rising; it is at the forefront of the major technologies (bio, nano, information) that will shape this century; and its universities dominate the world league tables.

Patriotisme enfantin by Thomassin Mickael

Lost in the controversy of Obama's visit to Cuba is the question of whether isolating Cuba was ever the right move to begin with.

Price and Thrall both pointed out that millennials are not just the largest generation in the United States, but the largest in many regions of strategic interest to the U.S. […] “How American millennials respond to that is going to be one of the defining features of American foreign policy for the next fifty years,” Thrall said.