VOA is probably not a high priority for the new administration, but inevitably it will fall under scrutiny. [...] I was initially skeptical about the alarmist reports concerning VOA's future. But with a president who touts "America First" and a Republican majority in Congress unwilling to defy the White House, I am no longer so sanguine. Anything is possible.

Big Brother, by Thomas Cizauskas

What does the Trump administration's anti-media environment mean for the Voice of America?

January 1, 2017
May 24, 2016

Mark Dillen on combatting Russia's bot-automated information war. 

International Harvester Tractor Radio

Dan Robinson makes the case for saying, "So long."

Radio Liberty Pals, by Saint-Aniol

How to save U.S. international broadcasting.

Voice of America

How the VOA's style of reporting strengthens U.S. soft power.