These young people did not live through the repression of the military dictatorship in the 1960s and 1970s. They did not live through the inflation of the 1980s, when the first thing we did when we received our paychecks was to run to the supermarket and buy everything possible before the prices rose again the next day. They remember very little about the 1990s, when stagnation and unemployment depressed our country. They want more.

In order to build greater understanding and cultural bonding among youghs of different backgrounds , the International Youth Fellowship, a worldwide youth organization, is holding the IYF World Camp at Thyagaraj Sports Complex from November 4 to 7.

This really is most likely the initial national slogan which turns the spotlight around the people and also the human spirit as opposed to the country, its natural marvels or history. This can be a quite strong and assured statement of Kosovos attitude like a country as well as its future intentions.

The trip is purposely to promote cultural understanding, academic development, youth exchanges, raising awareness of public health and environmental protection between the young people of ROC (Taiwan) and it’s diplomatic allied countries, the youth-oriented public diplomacy was initiated by ROC (Taiwan) President Ma Ying-Jeou, in 2009.

August 8, 2012

Recently, American Voices held its annual Youth Excellence on Stage (YES) Academy in the city of Duhok, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq... At American Voices, we believe that cultural diplomacy requires sustained engagement and as such this year marked our sixth summer performing arts academy program in Iraq.

Through Serenta (outreach and public diplomacy programme), we inform students on how Asean was conceived and its successes to date," he said, adding that more activities were being planned..."With the support of ambassadors, high commissioners and ministries, we are very confident that we will host Asean and (assume) the chairmanship with success.

The State Department, like the rest of America, has its eyes fixed on the London Olympics. But officials there aren’t just rooting for Team USA — they’re also looking for new recruits. Today’s gold medalists, after all, are tomorrow’s sports diplomats.

The Confucius Institute’s project has been developing Chinese language and culture programmes in schools across Wales for the past five years. Lansdowne Primary School has been a pioneer, having established additional classes every week. The school was the first in Wales to submit children for the YCT Official Chinese Language Proficiency test in 2011.