Conference on India's Soft Power

Sponsored by the India Foundation in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations

CPD was pleased to be a primary academic partner of India’s first major conference on soft power, December 17-19, 2018 in New Delhi.

Given the growing role of soft power in India's foreign policy, the Center for Soft Power of the India Foundation hosted its inaugural conference in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The aim of the conference was to bring together scholars, practitioners, experts, policymakers and diplomats to deliberate and discuss Indian soft power. Featured topics included nation branding, digital storytelling, theoretical perspectives and Indian soft power across multiple areas, such as cinema, cuisine, design, museums, performing arts, spirituality and yoga. 

Watch exclusive video interviews with panelists here.

Read the Conference on Soft Power brochure here.

View the lineup of speakers on the agenda here.

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