CPD Staff

jay_wang's picture
Jian (Jay) Wang
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
stacy_ingber's picture
Stacy Ingber
Assistant Director, Programming & Events
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
victoria_parrott's picture
Victoria Parrott
Business Analyst
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
lisa_rau's picture
Lisa Rau
Editorial Manager
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
sohaela_amiri's picture
Sohaela Amiri
Research Associate
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
rachel_cohrs's picture
Rachel Cohrs
Website Manager
USC Center on Public Diplomacy
jose_castillo's picture
Jose Castillo
Multimedia Producer
USC Center on Public Diplomacy


barry_sanders's picture
Barry Sanders
Chair, CPD Advisory Board
Adjunct Professor, Department of Communication, UCLA
katherine_brown's picture
Katherine Brown
CPD Advisory Board Member
President & CEO, Global Ties U.S.
Fadi Chehadé's picture
Fadi Chehadé
CPD Advisory Board Member
Partner, ABRY Partners
jerrold_green's picture
Jerrold D. Green
CPD Advisory Board Member
President & CEO, Pacific Council on International Policy
vartan_gregorian's picture
Vartan Gregorian
CPD Honorary Board Member
President, Carnegie Corporation of New York
gary_e_knell's picture
Gary E. Knell
CPD Advisory Board Member
President & CEO, National Geographic Partners
Lindsey_Kozberg's picture
Lindsey Kozberg
CPD Advisory Board Member
Principal, Park & Velayos LLP
markos_kounalakis's picture
Markos Kounalakis
CPD Advisory Board Member
Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution
mel_levine's picture
Mel Levine
CPD Advisory Board
Counsel, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
kimberly_marteau_emerson's picture
Kimberly Marteau Emerson
CPD Advisory Board Member
International Board, Human Rights Watch
mike_medavoy's picture
Mike Medavoy
CPD Advisory Board Member
Chairman & CEO, Phoenix Pictures
Marc_Nathanson's picture
Marc B. Nathanson
CPD Advisory Board Member
Chairman, Mapleton Investments
ponchitta_pierce's picture
Ponchitta Pierce
CPD Advisory Board Member
Journalist & Media Consultant
Rockwell_Schnabel's picture
Rockwell Schnabel
CPD Advisory Board Member
Founder & Chairman, The Sage Group
jay_snyder's picture
Jay Snyder
CPD Advisory Board Member
Founder & Chairman, The Open Hands Initiative


nikki_burnett's picture
Nikki Burnett
CPD Graduate Student Fellow (Public Diplomacy)
Candidate, USC Master of Public Diplomacy
katherine_butler's picture
Katherine Butler
CPD Graduate Student Fellow (Public Relations)
Candidate, Master of Strategic Public Relations
silada_rojratanakiat's picture
Silada (Lydia) Rojratanakiat
CPD Contributing Researcher
Candidate, USC Master of Communication Management

CPD Visiting Scholars & Fellows

arturo_sarukhan's picture
Arturo Sarukhan
CPD Visiting Scholar
Ambassador & CPD Distinguished Fellow
elizabeth_mckay's picture
Elizabeth McKay
CPD Visiting Scholar
2016-2018 U.S. Diplomat in Residence
eytan_gilboa's picture
Eytan Gilboa
CPD Visiting Scholar
Professor & Director, Center for International Communication, Bar-Ilan University
katarzyna_pisarska's picture
Katarzyna Pisarska
CPD Visiting Scholar
Assoc. Prof., Warsaw School of Economics; Founder & Director, European Academy of Diplomacy (Poland)
oliver_lewis's picture
Oliver Lewis
CPD Senior Visiting Fellow (Non-Resident)
Senior Research Associate, Changing Character of War Centre, University of Oxford

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CPD Research Fellows

Alexander Buhmann's picture
Alexander Buhmann
CPD Research Fellow, 2016-2018
Assistant Professor, Norwegian Business School
BanuAkdenizli's picture
Banu Akdenizli
CPD Research Fellow, 2016-2018
Associate Professor, Communications, Northwestern University in Qatar
diana_ingenhoff's picture
Diana Ingenhoff
CPD Research Fellow, 2017-2019
Professor of Organizational & Strategic Communication, University of Fribourg
ian_thomas's picture
Ian Thomas
CPD Research Fellow, 2018-2020
Head of Evaluation for the Arts, British Council
jennifer_hubbert's picture
Jennifer Hubbert
CPD Research Fellow, 2018-2020
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Asian studies, Lewis & Clark College
lindsay_benstead's picture
Lindsay J. Benstead
CPD Research Fellow, 2017-2019
Associate Professor, Political Science, Portland State University
martin_edwards's picture
Martin Edwards
CPD Research Fellow, 2018-2020
Associate Professor, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University
Mieczyslaw Boduszynski's picture
Mieczyslaw Boduszynski
CPD Research Fellow, 2016-2018
Assistant Professor of Politics & International Relations, Pomona College
zahid_shahab_ahmed's picture
Zahid Shahab Ahmed
CPD Research Fellow, 2017-2019
Alfred Deakin Postdoc Research Fellow, Deakin Inst. for Citizenship & Globalization, Deakin University

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