Technology, Storytelling & Public Diplomacy

A PD-filled week: public diplomacy strategy workshop and the return of "Diplocamp"

The fundamental impact of digital technology is reshaping public diplomacy practices. As technology advances, how should public diplomacy organizations better integrate data analytics and storytelling into strategy design and implementation? And how will data culture be embraced and embedded in organizational processes?

Join us in Brussels, Belgium for a week of back-to-back programs to explore the profound, disruptive changes in public diplomacy, discuss the opportunities and possibilities brought forth by digital technology, and learn the skills and tools required for future success. Pre-register here for Diplocamp, the only "unconference" in public diplomacy.

February 4-6

Workshop: Transforming Data into Insights for Public Diplomacy Strategy

A must for today's public diplomacy practitioners interested in a more robust toolkit, this three-day CPD mini-course aims to develop proficiency in public diplomacy strategy planning that derives insights from an integration of data analytics and storytelling. This program is offered in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brussels.

Learn more here.

February 7

Digital Diplomacy Camp (Diplocamp)

Following a highly successful, inaugural Diplomacy Camp in 2018, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host this second "unconference" to convene discussion about the latest trends and issues confronting public diplomacy, including AI, disinformation, and the civic impact of digital technology, to help practitioners grasp the opportunities, as well as the threats, of the rapidly evolving digital arena.

Pre-register (apply to attend), and learn more here.

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