Winter, by Nicolle Shekin

January Blog Roundup: The Top 5

Finish off the month with a look at CPD's top blogs for January.

5) Citizen Diplomacy: The Secret Sauce of Foreign Direct Investment - On the power of citizen diplomats to make or break foreign direct investment ventures.

4) On Post-Reality Digital Diplomacy - Ilan Manor explains why "post-reality" is the most important concept in today's digital diplomacy.

3) A House United Through Domestic Diplomacy - The fragmentation across America seems daunting, but it also invites domestic diplomacy.

2) Russia's Wicked Power and the 2016 U.S. Election - Russia's public diplomacy doesn't aim for the attractiveness of soft power, but rather the destruction of others through "wicked power," argues Erik Nisbet.

1) Trumping Traditional Public Diplomacy - What public diplomacy can learn from Donald Trump's communications playbook.

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