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Examining the global reach of city-level tech adoption, from drones to self-driving cars.

Photo by InfiniteThought via Pixabay

Sohaela Amiri discusses cities' expanding roles at the global negotiating table, from climate change, to winning hearts and minds and beyond. 

 Haft Seen at the White House- Wikimedia Commons

This year's Nowruz message packed a powerful PD punch, says Sohaela Amiri.

Highway sign 2016

PD experts forecast what's on the horizon.

Graffiti in the Vatican

Sohaela Amiri on the Pontiff's agenda and audience.

Graphic courtesy of POLITICO Cartoonist Matt Wuerker

Sohaela Amiri's case for standing on the right side of history.

Social Media apps

A how-to guide for skillful social media use.

Sohaela Amiri condemns U.S. politicians' unusual actions.