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The May edition of CPD Faculty Fellow Bruce Gregory's public diplomacy reading list is now available. 

How India and Pakistan's membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization may ease tensions. 

The latest study released by Twiplomacy analyzes Facebook audiences for the governments and leaders of 182 countries this year.

The latest edition of the India Foundation Journal features contributions from the Vice President of India, soft power experts and more.

An inside look into the phenomenon of citizen diplomacy in EU-China relations.

The new edition features works by CPD's Jay Wang and Sohaela Amiri, Advisory Board Member Katherine Brown, Research Fellows Diana Ingenhoff and Alexander Buhmann, and more. 

A United States Institute of Peace task force offers a new way forward to strengthen societies vulnerable to extremism.

Shaun Riordan's new book argues that traditional diplomacy combined with new technologies will address digital society's ailments.