PR's Role in Corporate Diplomacy

When global PR supports foreign ministry goals, multinational corporations may find themselves performing public diplomacy. 

A new paper titled "Corporate Perspectives on the Role of Global PR in Public Diplomacy," co-authored by CPD Faculty Fellow Kathy R. Fitzpatrick of American University and Candace L. White of the University of Tennessee, examines the role of global public relations in supporting diplomatic goals and the reciprocal impacts on national and corporate images. 

The study documents perceptions of public relations and communication executives at multinational corporations regarding their potential as public diplomats.

"The findings indicate corporate leaders believe positive diplomatic relationships between the United States and the countries in which their companies do business have positive impacts on business," explain the authors in their paper summary. However, the findings suggest, "It is up to the government to initiate the participation of the corporate sector in public diplomacy."

The original paper was published by IPR's Public Relations Journal and can be found here

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