In this video, we visit one of the showcases of that Turkish penetration across the border into Iraq’s semi autonomous Kurdish region, at the glitziest shopping mall in the Kurdish enclave.

Now that Iraq's lawmakers have come together to form a government, ending a stalemate that left the country rudderless for months, U.S. diplomats are focusing on another divide—ethnic tensions in the north that threaten to rip the country asunder.

The first graduate program in Kurdish language and culture is a rare bright spot in Turkey's initiative to improve the cultural rights of its Kurdish minority, whose language was banned for decades.

...I conducted some fascinating interviews with various representatives of the Kurdish and Palestinian movements on how national movements conduct public diplomacy and cultural diplomacy. This is the first article of a series based on my interviews, and deals with the public diplomacy of the Kurdish people as conducted by the American-Kurdish Information Network.

Director-General of the culture and art office of Iraq's northern city of Sulaymaniyah voiced the Kurdish region's willingness to use Iran's experiences in cultural fields.