Pakistan's literary scene is seeing a spirited revival, with packed festivals attracting tens of thousands in a rock concert-like atmosphere that defies security threats in a growing cultural renaissance.  Events such as the raucous Lahore Literary Festival [...] are reclaiming the “cultural space” that has shrunk significantly in the conservative Muslim nation in recent years amid a raging Islamist insurgency.

The Qatar China 2016 Year of Culture launched with a spectacular show featuring folkdances, songs and acrobatics by Chinese performers at a packed Katara Drama Theatre last night.

December 19, 2015

Three main strands run through the narrative: learning Japanese, creating camaraderie with Keio University students, and acquiring extropy. That ambassadors come and go is a truism. Yet, precious few make a permanent mark on the country and people where they are accredited. Aftab Seth is one such scholar-diplomat. 

The Kremlin is backing an ambitious effort to make the B-sides of the Russian literary canon more accessible to a global audience. Is it a boon for cultural understanding — or propaganda? [...] They (U.S. and Russia) were joining forces to publish a treasury of Russian literature in English, at least 100 volumes strong, spanning three centuries and possibly more.

José Carreño Carlón, director of the Fondo de Cultura Económica, said the truck is meant to promote Spanish-language learning, especially among the children of Latin American families. [...] Jose Luiz Martinez, director of international affairs for the National Council for Culture and the Arts, said the book truck is an example of "cultural diplomacy."

An Irish couple celebrate Bloomsday in Dublin.

Just after Bloomsday, a celebration of Ireland's public diplomacy.

IBNA- Kianoush Kiyani Haftlang, the Senior Advisor of the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia, said that Book-oriented cultural diplomacy is best for a global dialogue, but how to turn this motto into action is important.”