london olympics 2012

The Brand Kenya Board has launched a campaign to market Kenya during the forthcoming London Olympics. The Board has secured a four-storey premise in London, dubbed ‘Kenya House’ where it will showcase Kenya as a top investment, trade and tourism destination in Africa.

In a quiet corner of the South Bay, just beyond the neatly trimmed, cookie-cutter neighborhoods, Sheth has turned a boxy warehouse into the country's biggest table tennis center. In doing so the Indian immigrant is changing the face of a sport that has largely been an Olympic afterthought to Americans.

If some marketers, fans and athletes have anything to say, these Games will be the first Social Media Olympics -- the "Socialympics," as some are calling them. Even the Olympic movement, which sometimes steps into the future with great caution, has warily accepted the idea.

He also highlighted the positive economic and cultural impact of the UK’s GREAT campaign which supports the marketing and public diplomacy efforts of UK Trade and Investment, Visit Britain, the British Council and the Foreign Office.

The two-day programme will be structured around plenary and dialogue sessions, during which the delegates will review policies, exchange views on best practices and identify future action in the fields of sport, education and culture.

June 21, 2012

Still, in the unquantifiable world of soft power, hosting an Olympic games is a big deal. Some 100 presidents, princes and other national leaders will flit by London at some point during the games, along with up to 40,000 journalists.

We encourage the use of social media. We encourage athletes to engage and to connect," Hout said. "There are some rules to follow, there's no question about it. But we don't police the fans, we don't police the athletes. We don't do that. What we do is we engage.

But today an op-ed appeared which made it quite clear that anybody who messes with China’s dignity should expect a flaming bag of cat hurled in the general direction of their front door sometime in the very near future....This is China at its soft power worst, scoring goals in its own net and making it exponentially harder to convince the rest of the world that the country is being run by grown-ups.