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"It was the best week of my life!" said Emma Rainoff, concert-mistress of OCYS and a senior at Monroe-Woodbury High School.....
As a cultural exchange program, the students from the Jan Hanus Music School received a grant from the Czech government and are coming to perform with OCYS.

The Dodgers have announced a renewed partnership with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for the 2011 season... "As Taiwan celebrates its 100th anniversary, we will celebrate with the Dodgers, who have had the longest history in MLB with Taiwan, by paying tribute in-stadium on two very special promotional nights."

On the sidelines of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Ernest Wilson, dean of the innovative Annenberg School of Communications at USC, speaks... about the West Coast view of foreign policy, putting civil society at the center of public diplomacy, and how to properly teach and practice the art of communications internationally.

The Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, an official diplomatic office of the government of Israel, has launched a new public diplomacy initiative to utilize tablet and e-reader devices to streamline the distribution of books and official documents.

Four years ahead of its 800th anniversary, the Magna Carta is coming to Los Angeles.

Israeli American choreographer Barak Marshall leads dancers as part of a cultural exchange between Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.

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“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”
- James Beard