second life

September 1, 2010

[Rik] Panganiban is assistant director of the Online Leadership Program for Global Kids, which for four years has relied on the Teen Grid to educate urban youth from around the world about such topics as racism, the genocide in Darfur, child trafficking, public diplomacy, and the digital divide, in collaboration with UNICEF, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Youth Ventures, and more.

The game will take players through the hallways of European Parliament offices in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. As is the tradition in such pastimes, players can use their avatars to do everything from choosing flowers and furniture to debating the effects of climate change.

This project showed how massively multiplayer online games create a key target audience for public diplomacy efforts through communication and relationship building.

On July 19th and Chatham House hosted Britain's new Foreign Secretary, David Miliband as he gave his first speech on "A New Diplomacy." Mr. Miliband is one of the youngest ministers in Britain's history. He is the first to keep a blog, and he has an avatar in Second Life.

No, the above title doesn’t have a typo, a typo that occurs (to the embarrassment of those responsible for it, and to the amusement of those noticing it) when referring to that increasingly widespread international activity, public diplomacy (PD) -- which can be defined, to cite the U.S.