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October 16, 2015

A glimpse at social media from CPD's October 14 PD summit in DC.

America’s political, national security, and foreign policy elites continue to ignore the basics of geopolitics that have shaped the fate of world empires for the past 500 years. Consequently, they have missed the significance of the rapid global changes in Eurasia that are in the process of undermining the grand strategy for world dominion that Washington has pursued these past seven decades.

But as years went by, that never happened, and Bakshi realized that platforms like Google and Facebook often failed to encourage people to connect in meaningful, personal ways over long distances.

Much like a school outing, an air of anticipation rippled through more than 60 ambassadors to the United States invited to join a unique program aimed at showing off the country, as they were ticked off the list of those heading for a day out in Virgina.Through its "Experience America" program, the State Department aims to take ambassadors beyond the so-called Washington DC Beltway, which revolves mainly around politics, powerful lobbying groups and the White House.