The Fulbright Association is accepting public diplomacy-based proposals for its 2019 Annual Conference: "Connecting Minds and Hearts for Global Change" to be held October 24-26 in Washington, D.C.

Researchers at all levels are welcome to submit and need not be current Fulbright grantees or alumni. The Association includes a one-time annual membership ($70 value) as part of the conference registration fee for non-members; presenters must be or become a member to present.

CPD's home institution closely follows Stanford and Amsterdam University in the latest QS World University Rankings.

CPD's latest paper by Director Jay Wang and Research Associate Sohaela Amiri outlines key considerations for U.S. cities to grow their capacity framework.

CPD welcomes Katarzyna Pisarska, who brings combined practice and scholarship in public diplomacy.

The first issue of 2019 comes from Kwang-jin Choi, former head of the Center for People Diplomacy in the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From a Microsoft employee connecting with U.S. veterans to a Palestinian building an international running community and more.

Diana Ingenhoff and Alexander Buhmann are two of four co-editors of Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image Reputation, Brand, and Identity.

Sohaela Amiri returns to USC to oversee original research, evaluation and analysis for consulting projects, and more.