adriana_erthal_abdenur's picture
Adriana Erthal Abdenur
CPD Research Fellow, 2014-2016
Professor, Institute of International Relations, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
michele_acuto's picture
Michele Acuto
CPD Research Fellow, 2011-2013
Research Director, University College London
amelia_arsenault's picture
Amelia Arsenault
CPD Research Fellow, 2012-2014
Assistant Professor of Communication, Georgia State University
caitlin_byrne's picture
Caitlin Byrne
CPD Research Fellow, 2010-2012 and Faculty Fellow
Director, Griffith Asia Institute
ali_fisher's picture
Ali Fisher
CPD Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Advisor, Strategist & Author
kathy_fitzpatrick1's picture
Kathy R. Fitzpatrick
CPD Research Fellow, 2009-2011 and Faculty Fellow
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, American University School of Communication
jami_fullerton's picture
Jami Fullerton
CPD Research Fellow, 2014-2016
Professor & Peggy Welch Chair in Strategic Communications, Oklahoma State University
sarah_ellen_graham's picture
Sarah Ellen Graham
CPD Research Fellow, 2011-2013
Lecturer, University of Western Sydney
craig_hayden's picture
Craig Hayden
CPD Research Fellow, 2012-2014
Assistant Professor, International Communication Program, American University
ellen_huijgh's picture
Ellen Huijgh
CPD Research Fellow, 2013-2015
Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute
james_ketterer's picture
James Ketterer
CPD Research Fellow, 2012-2014
Director of International Academic Initiatives, Bard College
lina_khatib's picture
Lina Khatib
CPD Research Fellow, 2010-2012
Director, Carnegie Middle East Center
iskra_kirova's picture
Iskra Kirova
CPD Research Fellow, 2009-2011
Policy Analyst, EU External Relations, Open Society Foundation
barbara_maronkova's picture
Barbora Maronkova
CPD Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Director, NATO Information and Documentation Centre Kyiv, Ukraine
emily_t_metzgar's picture
Emily T. Metzgar
CPD Research Fellow, 2015-2017
Associate Professor, Indiana University
tara_ornstein's picture
Tara Ornstein
CPD Research Fellow, 2013-2015
Multilateral Advisor, Public Health Institute
james_pamment's picture
James Pamment
CPD Research Fellow, 2013-2015 and Faculty Fellow
Associate Professor, Lund University
cynthia_schneider's picture
Cynthia P. Schneider
CPD Research Fellow, 2009-2011
Distinguished Professor, Practice of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
deborah_trent's picture
Deborah L. Trent
CPD Research Fellow, 2014-2016
Public Diplomacy & International Development Analyst
rs_zaharna's picture
R.S. Zaharna
CPD Faculty Fellow, CPD Research Fellow, 2011-2013
Professor of Public Communication, American University