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How propaganda has influenced people in the past and present.

CPD Faculty Fellow Philip Seib reflects on the former president's legacy. 

CPD Research Fellow Ali Fisher offers tools for tackling the complex architecture of multi-hub information networks.

Girl Scout Kana Walsh on how more people can get involved in International Day of the Girl Child. 

Master of Public Diplomacy candidate Wa'el Nimat on why a proactive approach is needed to counter violent extremism.

On how Japan's #UnknownJapan campaign utilized Instagram to highlight lesser-known aspects of the country's culture, landscape and history. 

November 19, 2018

Gunboat, Cerebral, Public, Track One are all approaches to diplomacy. But do they need to be rethought?

Does "sharp power" fall under the ranks of hard power or soft power, or is it just an "unsmart" mix?