film diplomacy

The Korea-Indonesia Film Festival 2016 kicked off on Wednesday (26/10) with a screening of Korean flick "The Age of Shadows." Organizers hope the festival can foster more cultural exchange between the two countries.

October 11, 2016

Korea Week in the Philippines is ongoing till Oct. 16 to mark Korea's National Foundation Day and Hangeul Day or Korean Alphabet Day. The week-long activity is spearheaded by the Korean Embassy in the Philippines, the Korean Cultural Center (KCC) and the United Korean Community Association in the Philippines (UKCA).

The local content production industry has received a huge boost following the signing of a cultural co-operation deal where local films will be broadcast in China.  The Rwanda-China broadcasting co-operation agreement that was signed between Rwanda Broadcasting Agency and the Chinese embassy in Rwanda will improve the quality of services and professionalism in broadcasting and the cultural industry.

ocal youth-focused NGO has partnered with a Dutch organization to facilitate Lebanese-Dutch youth conversations and cultural awareness through film. The international exchange, started by Unite Lebanon Youth Project and Dutch NGO Open Roads Media, also aims to spark introspection, driving Lebanese youth to face the complexities within their own society.

Since 2014, the Crosscut Asia non-competition category has been organized to increase Japan's cultural interaction with other countries in Asia. The category helps to strengthen the filmmakers network across Asia and their exchange with journalists and film critics. Each year, the festival focuses on one country. This year the festival is celebrating "Colorful Indonesia."

Kazakh eagle hunter in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia.
September 7, 2016

The Kazakh government taps into historical memory and soft power with a new Game of Thrones-style TV epic dramatizing the founding of the Kazakh khanate (state).

he challenges will always be there. When you look at nations like the US and China, they still have political challenges. [...] as a resilient South Africa, are going through that phase. We are a developing nation that is faced with many challenges, but instead of being overwhelmed and being overtaken by this negativity, Brand SA has chosen to work with people who actually want to promote the good news. 

Pakistan is a land of unlimited talent and rich artistic tradition. [...] Pakistani entertainment at its current peak, have a tendency to lend a soft power status to the country. As one of finest cultural imports of Pakistan, efforts must be made to promote such creativity and talent.