[The EU] allows for members to deal with major cross-border issues such as migration and criminality and trade more effectively... It is a prime example of "soft power"; it has brought peace and stability.

Harvard professor Joseph Nye talks of a world shaped by the shifting distribution of power from West to East and the growing dispersal of power from state to citizens.The “Arab Spring” is the most spectacular example...

In the last hundred days, the world has seen not only how weak and divided are the European members of NATO, but also how the once-celebrated European notion of "soft power" means very little in the world of perpetually savage nations. What stops China from carving out a new co-prosperity sphere in Asian waters...

The European Union proudly claims to be more than the sum of its 27 parts, with a collective wealth and influence that gives it elephant status in the global zoo...The “cradle of democracy” had recently cast off six years of military dictatorship. Spain and Portugal had been invited to join the club specifically to help consolidate their emerging democracies

Tourism accounts for one in five jobs and almost 18% of GDP, and the socialist government has given the sector special emphasis in the hope that it will help kickstart the battered Greek economy.With arrivals set to rise by at least 10%, the sector has become the sole bright light on a landscape darkened by an otherwise epic battle with the country's debts.

Germans are right to press for more cohesive European governance. It also might help Germany get along better with others. Germany is Europe’s powerhouse economy and preeminent political force, but lately it hasn’t won laurels for statecraft.

Direct flights will bolster bilateral cooperation and open a new era in Greek-Chinese relations, Kouvelis told by email.
He said the flights will make leisure travel, business activity, cultural exchange easier, faster, and more efficient.

The exhibition, entitled "The Forbidden City," gives visitors "an opportunity to take a glimpse at life behind the walls of the imperial palace before it opened up to the common people after six centuries," said Greek entrepreneur Bassilis Theocharakis, founder of the foundation.