From Pristina to Dhaka: My hope for two countries to join hands

We cannot tolerate a new candidate for membership of the EU that is bringing in a frozen conflict ... You cannot have it both ways - candidate status moving nicely along and at the same time having a stranglehold on northern Kosovo. That sentiment is shared by a number of EU countries,

This is a joint project between the Kosovo and British Governments, which will be implemented by the British Council to improve the process of Kosovo’s recognition by countries which have still not taken such a decision.

Martin Wahlisch and Behar Xharra, in the third paper released in 2011, focus on how Kosovo can utilize public diplomacy to become more recognized in the world.

“Dawn rolling over, the clouds bring the rain, it’s time to start over, time to join hands.” These were the first lines of Kosovo’s last year’s campaign reaching out to the world. The lyrics give an idea of the country’s continuing challenges. On February 17, Kosovo celebrates the third anniversary of its independence.

Co-author: Martin Wahlisch

Three Years into Kosovo’s Independence: Further recognitions will be crucial for the country’s development