Author Jennifer Hubbert on the roots of soft power and her new book, China in the World: An Anthropology of Confucius Institutes, Soft Power, and Globalization. 

June 8, 2018

While domestically it defines the debate between Apple and the FBI, we should not minimize its relevance, and consequently the outcome of the court battle, on American soft power. Sinologist David Shambaugh does a side-by-side comparison between the United States and China in his book China Goes Global: The Partial Power. 

What makes a country the best? Is it leadership? Military might? Economic strength? A rich and deep vein of culture and history? Freedom, a stable government and transparency when it comes to business and the political process? In a word, yes. All of the above contribute to how people perceive what makes one country better than another – and ultimately which one ranks as the best overall.

July 12, 2015

Through the lens of American influence and power, Bridget Kendall and guests explore how power is being adapted and deployed by countries and organisations around the World.