During their half an hour meeting here, Sultan Ahmed referring to the low tourist traffic between the two countries stressed the need for a regular interaction between the two sides to increase the tourist traffic.

China wants to use both inbound and outbound tourism to help promote its international image, which has been battered by endless product and food safety scandals and ethnic unrest.

The ugly American — the stereotypically brutish, ethnocentric, bumbling traveler abroad — is dead. He's gone the way of global U.S. hegemony, the strong dollar and mid-20th century American naivete.

Israel has dismissed Egyptian claims that a series of shark attacks in the Red Sea could have been the result of a plot carried out by its foreign intelligence agency, Mossad.

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli upset Egyptians when she called the country "primitive" in an interview after her most recent visit to the country a month ago, according to report in the Egyptian press.

“Come and see the settlers, 50 shekels from my roof!” This is the offer increasingly made to tourists who visit the divided West Bank city of Hebron. Islam and other Palestinian youths like him are turning occupation into opportunity.